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I've been working in Copenhagen since the end of 2016 and I absolutely love it here. To me, Copenhagen simply seems to breathe life. Despite that it's a capital city, the air is clean and clear, traffic isn't all too crazy (unless you're on a bicycle and have to go to work in the morning...), the public transportation is superb and there is a lot to do here! As for the people, the Danes are kind, helpful, super beautiful and have really embraced the unhurried, calm and cozy 'hygge'-lifestyle. In short, this place is a must visit if you ask me!

I will continue updating this page, posting pictures and recommendations on what to see and where to eat and drink :)

What to see and where to go:

The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue) and Kastellet. The Little Mermaid is a bit of a disappointment (she is tiny!), but the scenery around it makes it worthwhile!
Rundetaarn, where you can have a nice view over the city.
Christiansborg Palace and Slot; a beautiful piece of Copenhagen-heritage!
Nyhavn, for the scenery, history and café's!
Tivoli; for fun! I visited Tivoli for the first time in the summer of 2017 and it is as awesome as everyone says it is!
Dyrehaven, which means 'the deer park' where, perhaps unsurprisingly, you can see deer! It's a very nice natural resort, with a long history and stunning landscape.
Creative Space, for a morning or afternoon of creativity. Here, you can have a nice cup of coffee or tea whilts paining a mug, vase, plate or something like that :)

Where to eat and drink:

Perch's Tea Roomfor a really, really, great afternoon tea. Make sure to book a table and time in advance, especially if you want to go in the weekend. They are usually packed!
Grød, for a nice breakfast or lunch with porridge and/or granola :)
Overfor, which is a nice place to have dinner and some drinks!
Papirøen, where they sell street food from all over the world. This place is just the best!
Mirabelle, a really nice and very, extremely, busy bakery. I had the best granola ever in this place :)
Absalon, for a nice place to have coffee and cookies whilst you're studying or after a nice yoga class here :) They do nice and cozy dinners for a small price and the vibe at this place is just so good at times!
Brus, a great, very large, pub where they have a wide-ranging selection of different beer! It is situated opposite of Mirabelle.
Shabaz, for great coffee and snacks! For the real coffee addicts: get a kaffekort! You get your fifth coffee for 50% discount and the tenth is free!
Barkowski, a really nice and cozy bar!
Paludan Bog & Cafe, where you can go to have lunch! It is also a great place to study!
Den Lille Gule, which is one of the cutest places in the world to have a cup of coffee.


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In total, I have spent one month living in Aarhus in March 2017 for my first official trip for my PhD project. During this month, I have come to know the city quite well (even though I have spent most of my time here in an office at Aarhus University...). I like to call Aarhus 'little Copenhagen'. It has a lot of similar features; it's picturesque, clean, calm, cultural and very beautiful, but it is a lot smaller. Nevertheless, Aarhus is a lively and vibrant city, yet not too busy and surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery, that everyone should visit at least once! For those interested, Aarhus is the Cultural Capital of Europe for the whole of 2017!

What to see and where to go:

Moesgaard Museum (MoMu), both a regional museum and a museum specialized in anthropology and archeology. The architectural design of the museum is stunning and you have an amazing view from the top of the building.
Moesgaard Manor and Forest, for a really great walk through a forest to a nice beach that, in the word's of my friend Mikel, will match the beauty of a beach in Malaysia.
Den Gamly By, which means 'the old city', is a busy tourist attraction, especially on weekends. It's an open-air museum and going here is like travelling back in time. The museum consists of more than 75 houses relocated from all over Denmark!
Aarhus Botanical Garden, where they have greenhouses with a collection of plants both specifically from Denmark and many other places all over the world. The admission is free and it is especially nice to wander around here on a winter day, to get away from the cold!
ARoS Art Museum. I absolutely loved this museum! It's beautiful, both on the in- and outside and the view from the panaroma on the top of the building is truly sensational! A must see!
Aarhus Harbour, both for the view and to observe Danish architecture. Especially the Iceberg and Dokk1, the new library, are worth viewing. Whilst you're at it, make sure to go into the library. It's stunning!
Aarhus Cathedral, which is a beautiful building with great authentic features.

Where to eat and drink:

Graven-24, which is one of the best bakeries in Aarhus!
Grillen Burger Bar, for a really nice burger with fries (and Ben&Jerry's milkshakes!) at a nice price. For the vegetarians; they have a really nice veggie burger as well!
Piccolina, where they have really, really, good pizza's!
Pho C&P, if you like Vietnamese food. This is a Vietnamese street food restaurant, which is highly popular. This is not surprising, the food is really great and reasonably priced!
Aarhus Street Food, which is similar to Papirøen in Copenhagen, but smaller and a lot less busy. You can get a lot of different types of food here from all over the world!
Aarhus Central Food Market, where they have brought together all kinds of different restaurants in Denmark who sell their food at stalls here. Some of the restaurants are better than others, but the overall quality of the food is very good and this place is centrally located near Aarhus Central Station.


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At the end of June and the start of July 2017 I spent two weeks in Skagen, a lovely town in the most northern tip of Denmark, for a writing retreat with our research team. We stayed at Klitgården, a former summer residence of the Danish Royal Family, which is now being used for such retreats. It was a-ma-zing!