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I've been working in Copenhagen since the end of 2016 and I absolutely love it here. To me, Copenhagen simply seems to breathe life. Despite that it's a capital city, the air is clean and clear, traffic isn't all too crazy (unless you're on a bicycle and have to go to work in the morning...), the public transportation is superb and there is a lot to do here! As for the people, the Danes are kind, helpful, super beautiful and have really embraced the unhurried, calm and cozy 'hygge'-lifestyle. In short, this place is a must visit if you ask me!


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In total, I have spent one month living in Aarhus in March 2017 for my first official trip for my PhD project. During this month, I have come to know the city quite well (even though I have spent most of my time here in an office at Aarhus University...). I like to call Aarhus 'little Copenhagen'. It has a lot of similar features; it's picturesque, clean, calm, cultural and very beautiful, but it is a lot smaller. Nevertheless, Aarhus is a lively and vibrant city, yet not too busy and surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery, that everyone should visit at least once! For those interested, Aarhus is the Cultural Capital of Europe for the whole of 2017!


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At the end of June and the start of July 2017 I spent two weeks in Skagen, a lovely town in the most northern tip of Denmark, for a writing retreat with our research team. We stayed at Klitgården, a former summer residence of the Danish Royal Family, which is now being used for such retreats. It was a-ma-zing!